Player’s Profiles Voting Poll

“When do I get a profile on your website, Will?”

That is one of the common questions I get from the players that come to my tournaments. The Willvolution Player’s Profiles are a work in progress. The only profiles I put up are those that won one of my tournaments. It would be very time consuming for me to put up every single Player Profile since there are over 300 players that competed in my tournaments since 2005! I decided to put up a poll at and you guys can decide which Player Profile you want to see on my website! The poll will end at February 28, 2013 so spread the word and get everybody involved with the voting! Here are the players to choose from…

Rieshu – Made her debut at 2005 and at one point was a Top 10 Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Player.

Ray$ – Involved with different training partners and focused on just UMvC3 recently. His hardwork and dedication showed as he placed Top 4 in recent UMvC3 tournaments.

bitbna – Placed Top 4 in most SSF4AE Tournaments he competed. He’s considered to be one of the top Zangief players in Florida.

jDoza23 – Trains with guys like ssj2jeff and eiSH and plays only Guile in SSF4AE Tournaments.

Luisthepanda – Placed 2nd Place in most tournaments he competed. He went through multiple wars against multi-time SSF4AE Tournament Winner, Deg.

DC – A very popular and charismatic Persona 4 Arena player. He competed in P4A tournaments in multiple States.

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